Sites for downloading torrents

Ok, once you have finalized on torrent client, you need to find sites to download torrents from. For speed, sites with Registrations are recommended, but in case you have anything less than 512 kbps connection, speed should not be your major concern! :p

Below is a list of sites which are good for locating your favorite movies, software’s, songs via torrents.
Always remember the more the Seeders, the better the chances of your torrent not getting stuck midway! Always go for torrents which have seeders and always see how many times the download has been successfully completed. Many sites even give you the option of checking the tracker status, so that is the best way to check if the torrent you want to download is still available online or not. Always avoid downloading files from unknown sites. This is the best way to avoid uninvited viruses/trojans/spywares on your computer!

The list of sites is as follows (Some of them might no longer work as this is an old article):

Apart from this you can always use Google, just enter the movie, album followed by torrent and voila you should get proper results to the torrent atleast in 90% of the searches. This list keeps on changing regularly, since sites keep going down regularly due to legal issues. You can check for new torrent sites on threads like

10 Amazing Torrent Sites

There are many more you can search on the net