Free replacement for Nero Burning Rom

I am sure most of us have actually used Nero some point of town. May be as OEM software with a drive you purchased or a trial version and most of us have actually loved the software itself.

But I don’t think so the cost of any software should be so steep and every release you have to buy a newer version. So people who like the simple usability of Nero Burning Rom and are looking for a cheaper or even a free solution for Nero this is the right post.

After searching and trying out so many free and paid CD/DVD Burning softwares I finally liked the Free CD Burner XP software. It’s GUI is very simple to use just like Nero Burning Rom and the software is small. The current version [] is just 2.83Mb which is nothing compared to Nero and using this you can create all your Basic Discs including Data, Music, MP3, Photos and even burn images!!

So if you really want to use an easy to use and a free CD/DVD Burning software go to

Hopefully they continue to keep the software free and btw they have an amazing forum to help you out with all queries and provide you with all the tutorials you would ever need located at

No more Alcohol 120 and Daemon tools, use Microsoft CD/DVD Emulator

I had to mention this amazing free cd emulator controller provided by Microsoft located here

This is such a cool software with size under 60kb, just unzip the file to the location you want and run the exe file in it.

Now you can add any number of drives you want and mount all the image files you want. The best part it’s free and fast.

Only limitation is that it does not work with Vista and there  is no support for this.

But it’s way lighter and faster then any of the other supposed “free” emulators.