Selecting a torrent client suitable for you

After using almost N number of Bittorrent clients, I thought why not spread the experience around. Lets place around 4 clients in the list, which are really worth a try.

1) Azereus
Ok this client is good, downloads/uploads file control is good. But the Major problem this is Java Based! So you gonna need good amount of RAM if you want to keep the client running long with your normal applications also in use. Out of 5 Stars I would give it say 3.5

2) BitComet
This is a much lighter client, nice control over files speeds. Everything was good until Bitcomet is being banned my Major Big Torrent Sites. Mostly private trackers which we normally use for sharing using Torrents. The reason for which is that Bitcomet put some code to exploid Super-seeding. I am not too sure with the details of it. I am sure it is available on the net in plenty. So if you want to use this, use it at your own Risk since even if the file is available for download you might not be able to download it since your client might be banned!! Rating: Lets give this 2.5 on 5. If not banned I would have given this one a 4 rating.

3) Bittornado
Now this is one program which you might have not even heard of. This is one of the earliest softwares developed to use torrents. First this was just available on command line mode I think, but now it has a simple GUI. Here every file opens up with a seperate instance of the program. So control is on every torrent rather then all the torrents grouped under one big program. It is written in Perl so it’s quiet platform independent. Usage wise, laymen would be adviced not to venture out on this, you might find it a little bit too confusing!! Speeds are decent. Recommended for standalone machines, cause multiple instances might just eat up all the available memory on hand. Rating: 3 on 5

4) utorrent
This is a relatively new client in the market, it’s very light to use and has all the controls and other client has. I think the latest version is under the 1 mb mark. So that makes it one of the lightest clients and also one of the easiest to use clients. Download speeds are good, not faced a problem till date. Rating: 4.5 on 5 These are just for starters till I decide to test a few clients thoroughly! BTW all the clients above have been tested for at least 20 days at a stretch with at least 30-40 GB of data up and down each